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Hourly Rate

Large Locker

  • Locker size: 84.5*49.5*45.5​

XXL Locker

NIS 15
  • Locker size: 84.5*49.5*60

Daily Rate - 24 hours

Large Locker

NIS 99
  • Locker size: 84.5*49.5*45.5

XXL Locker

NIS 135
  • Locker size: 84.5*49.5*60

Some happy users

"great service! my first experience, left the baggage and went for a walk prior to leaving for Ben gurion airport. strongly reccomended"
Dan F.
very easy to use, after leaving my luggage i went for the beach which is a minute walk
Jack Y.

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Is it a safe place to store my luggage?

It is the safest place to store your stuff.
You store your bags personally into your locker and nobody but you can open it thanks to the personal code system. All deposits are fitted with 24-hours video surveillance monitored by the Operations Centre and all lockers are covered by insurance in case of damage.

When do I have to pay?

You will be asked to pay the first hour to reserve your locker, the locker will open automatically,drop your luggage and close the locker. When you come back to collect your luggage the system calculates the balance based on the number of hours. Once you have paid the balance you can collect your luggage.

How can I be sure nobody can open my box?

When you make your reservation in the store you will be given a printed small paper with your locker number and your personal code . Nobody can open your box without your personal code. You are the only one who knows the personal code you chose. For this reason we ask you to pay attention receiving the paper to be sure not to lose it.